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No.1 Fresh Seafood Deliver To Your Doorstep in Malaysia

Old Mama Seafood Online is a platform to be created with the purpose to let every single family member can buy seafood via online and deliver to your doorstep. The main purpose of this platform is to let every people of you able to buy the cheapest seafood compare to others like Facebook  live bidding, super market, and wet market. We have our own long-liners production from farming, processing, packaging and delivering until to your doorstep.

老妈子海鲜为什么是你的首选?我们的海鲜都是经过嚴选,就好像你妈妈只会为你挑选最好的食材给你们那样。我们家海鲜都是直接从渔船,鱼池,和外国进口直接批发给你们,所以海鲜肯定平,靓, 正!我们也不跟直播台和其他平台比较,因为产品品质到最后会说话!不怕你不买,只怕你不敢试!不新鲜,包退!





* Currently is open delivery for Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area, free delivery if you purchase RM200 above. If there is any changing in delivery, we will inform you as early as possible. 

*目前只限隆雪地区, 视订单及地区而定,我们尽量在第二天送达, 行动管制陵期间,如果时间有变动,我们会即刻通知,敬请谅解。

* 凡购买RM200以上,全免邮费!

* 货源充足




• 我们只卖自己会吃的海鲜
• 10 多年海产经验
• 我们一路都只做批发餐馆,酒楼,酒店,上门到会,可是现在疫情来袭,不得不转型了,希望各位老板可以支持支持一下
• 大量现货
• 多种选择
• 家庭式小包装
• 快速冷冻
• 品质保证
• 价格公道
• 送货到你家
• 最重要的是,我们不喜欢讲多多。。。

1. 自动成为会员
2. 雪隆包邮
3. 每月不停更新会员专区的海鲜爆款折扣
4. 参与抽奖
5. 每消费1元,就积1分
6. 累计购满RM500元送一只龙虾或其它同等价值的海鲜 (1个月内)
7. 每消费满RM100,折扣Rm10的优惠
8. 额外免费送您一年总计12种海鲜类,(金昌,白昌,马友,石斑,带子,花蛤啦啦,等等看当季有什么鱼或海鲜类),分12个月送。(可上门自取,邮费自付)

• 雪隆运输:
超过RM200, 全免
• 外坡运输:
超过RM300, 全免

First In Malaysia!!!

Whether You Believe It Or Not,
You Buy Seafood From Us, In Return We Free 1 Year Seafood To You!!!
You Sure WIN!!!

Please Pay Attention:
• We Only Sell What We Eat
• More Than 10 Years Experience
• All The While We Wholesale To Restaurants, Hotels, Catering, Canteen, Due To The Epidemic Outbreak, We Have To Change To Serve Retails, Wish You Can Give Us An Opportunity To Serve You.
• Ready Stocks
• A Lot Variety
• Family Friendly Small Pack
• Quick Frozen Seafood
• Quality Guaranteed
• Deliver To Your Doorstep
• Reasonable Price

Spend RM200 and above, We Give Away 8 Benefits To All Of You
1. Free Membership
2. Free Shipping Within Klang Valley
3. Member Special Seafood Discount
4. Lucky Draw
5. Points
6. Accumulate Rm500 Purchase Free 1nos Lobster or Same Value Seafood (Within 1 Month)
7. Every RM100 Spend, Rebate RM10
8. Free 1 Year Total 12 Variety Seafood (Golden Pomfret, White Pomfret, Senangin, Grouper, Scallop, Asari etc… Depend On The Catching Of The Particular Period ) , Giving Out Every Months for 12 Months.
(Can Self Collect, Transport Fee at Own Cost)

Transport Fee
Klang Valley
Below RM200=RM15.00
Above Rm200= Free Delivery

Below RM300=RM30.00
Above Rm300= Free Delivery

Please Make Payment To:
Maybank Acct number: 5143-9252-4475

For Any Inquiries, Please Call 017-518 8622 Wilson

WhatsApp http://wassmee.us/w/?c=a8efe1

Web : https://www.oldmamaseafoodonline.com/

*Terms and Conditions Apply