Freshest Seafood Supply to your doorstep in Malaysia (How fresh of it?)

No.1 Fresh Seafood Deliver To Your Doorstep in Malaysia

Freshest Seafood Supply to your doorstep in Malaysia (How fresh of it?)

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Seafood Supplier Malaysia

Freshest Seafood Supply to your doorstep in Malaysia (How fresh of it?)

Why you need to eat the freshest seafood in Malaysia

We all know of that, the freshest seafood contains a lot of protein, vitamin and healthy fat that will enhance the immune system of human. This is why the people now prefer to eat fish more compare to others meat type like chicken, beef, lamb and others. One more important thing most of the fishes are free chemical injection compare to the meat type. Nowadays there is some business man who want to make their farm animals like chicken, buffalo grow very fast, they will tend to inject some insulin than can make the animals grow fast, this is actually not healthy to the human. So, choosing the freshest seafood is already the trend in the world. The demanding of eating fish is getting higher nowadays. According to the World Fish Organization, they predicted that the global demand for fish for human consumption will be increased by more than 50% over the next 15 years.


We are the No 1. Fresh Seafood Supplier in Malaysia.

Old mama seafood has been established since 2009, initially we just operate within our hometown area area such as Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan, Tanjong Karang. After few years later, our business has been spread to whole east Malaysia within this ten years.

Most of our main products are deep sea fish from Sabah and wild caught river fish from Sungai Pahang, Sungai Batang Rajang in Sarawak. We even now have our own fish farm  in Sunagi Pahang to livestock the fish such as Patin Mas, Patin Tinggi, Jelawat.

We have wild caught river fish such as tapah, jelawat, tenggalan, patin buah, baung, baung ekor putih, sebarau, empurau, tenggedak, ikan kelah merah.

For the deep sea caught fish, we have for example coral trout, tiger grouper, lao shu grouper, white prompret, sooi mei.

Nowadays, we has built a fish farming along the seaside and river to meet the increasing demand of deep sea fish and river fish.


Wild Caught River Fish

Why you must eat river fish In Malaysia?River fish has started to receive much more attention from the consumers, it is because the taste and the meat of river is totally difference. The meat always very juicy, sweet, and oily. There are various species of river fishes that can be found iin Malaysia’s Rajang River and Pahang River.

As a result of the increasing demand of river fish, we started to farm and livestock the river fish along the Pahang river to meet the market demand, we must always ensure our river fishes supply is always enough to the customer with the taste as same as wild caught river fish. After a couple of years experience in farming, we manage to farm the river fish as 90% taste same as river fish.

Our main Seafood products of Wild Caught River fish

  1. Empurau – The King Of the river fish

–  empurau is the most expensive edible freshwater fish in Malaysia. Its reputation for taste and texture always reach to the top all the way around the world.

– Empurau get their unique taste from a diet of special local fruit that falls from trees into the rivers.This is the key why Empurau taste so difference.

– The taste of empurau is often described as creamy, savory, a little sweet, with hints of wild fruit

  1. Ikan Kelah Merah – The sons of empurau


– why I say so it is the son of empurau?There is some seafood supplier in the market which will serve you the ikan kelah merah as empurau, this is because their taste mostly the same, the only thing difference is juicy and oily,The Ikan Kelah merah consider a small fish if compare to Empurau, so it content a high fat in its body that make the meat more creamy.

  1. Jelawat Putih – The queen of the river fish

– We also call sudan fish, mainly it is coming from Pahang River. Its skin is equipped with a very pretty pearl white colour, and its fins have a little yellow golden shade. The meat of Jelawat Putih is very solid, stand a very firmly and has a fresh aroma, one should chew it slowly in order to taste the freshness of the Jelawat Putih.


Farming River Fish

  1. Patin Buah

Seafood Supplier Malaysia

– We livestock the patin buah along the riverside of the Pahang River. Its has a pretty silver white colour. There are a lot of species of patin in Malaysia, but why must choose farming patin buah in the market? This is because patin buah contains high protein in its body, once it was cooked , you totally can feel the tasteful of juicy and creamy of the fish.

2. Tapah

The Tapah fish look similar to Keli fish, the difference between these two fish is the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin of Tapah fish is small, while the dorsal fin of Keli fish is huge and long.

Tapah fish is categorised as warm water fish. It feeds on animal baits. The female Tapah fish is able to grow quite rapidly, and its large body size is one of the features of female Tapah fish, which makes it very valuable in fish farming for its breeding value. Meanwhile, the male Tapah fish that is smaller in size is not valuable in fish farming.

The flesh of Tapah fish is highly appreciated due to its tender textures. Tapah fish likes to stay under muddy surface, feed on benthic organisms and planktons, and sometimes, it would feed on fragments of water plants.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to Reunite and bonding your family relationship by having Old Mama Seafood, so that your family can put down the handphone, stop playing handphone, enjoy the delicious seafood.

Our mission is deliver the freshest seafood to your doorstep. So you can enjoy the seafood at a very reasonable price compare you are eating in a restaurant. The quality of seafood we supply are strictly controlled by us. This is the reason why we can stay long in the market.

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